Neyber is a Fintech start-up focussing on delivering financial products to employees through their employers via salary deduction.

  • Brand Development
  • Creative Direction
  • Print Design
  • Digital Design
  • UX / UI


Neyber is a fintech start-up launched in 2015, I joined the team early on to develop the brand. As with any start-up, adaptability is vital and I had to turn my hand to a number of areas within the business. I was involved in customer facing digital products, producing a book, UX / UI and developing internal brand communications including office space design to name but a few roles. 


Solid Backgrounds






Accent colours
Boyant Blue






Light Green



Bryant Pro Bold

Bryant Pro Regular

Icon Design

Data Visualisation

Connecting the brand elements

Developing the brand elements was the first step of creating the neyber brand. All of these brand elements were brought together for a 150-page book creating bespoke on-brand infographics for each spread. 

Financial Wellbeing

The DNA of financial wellbeing is an insight into how the UK’s population are dealing with financial stress, anxiety, mental wellbeing and productivity in the workplace. It not only highlighted these issues, it addressed how employers can help overcome some of them.

Neyber DNA

Neyber’s approach is simple, smarter and fairer finance for all. This needed to be communicated in every spread of the book. We used some icons that had been developed as part of the brand kit but some infographics needed bespoke icons and designs to illustrate an insight into the UK’s finance concerns. 

Dashboard & Insights

A dashboard for employers was created and designed so that the employers could understand how their workforce were interacting with Neyber. The data detailed would be anonymously provided but enable insights into areas such as employees with a Neyber product, employees approval rate etc.

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