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Faber Music wanted a new home for a boutique roster of talented artists and writers spanning genres from indie and electro, to alt folk and neo-classical. Faber Alt. was created…

Faber Music is known for its leading classical composers and print, so the idea for Faber Alt developed from working with artists who have many stylistic strings to their bow. Faber Music wanted to create a platform that allowed them to showcase and nurture the more commercial side of their catalogue. I was asked to create the brand for Faber Alt.

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Logo Creation

Two very different concepts were created to start with. One had a flavour of classical whilst being contemporary, the other concept took a strong and impactful approach to the logotype. The latter shown here was chosen to develop further.

Logo Development

The design development of the logotype progressed keeping with the idea of ‘alternative’ and Faber Music having a second side to it’s business. Different weights of type were explored along with separating the words Faber and Alt.

Typographic Exploration

It was during a typographic exploration that a strike through both words created the two different sides of Faber that the company was looking for. It was contemporary and had impact, whilst feeling alternative.

Right Alignment

With Faber Music wanting the Faber Alt. platform to be a new home for a boutique roster of talented artists and writers, separating the brand mark and execution from the current Faber Music brand was important. It needed to feel new, fresh and alternative.

The Faber Alt. logo was designed right aligned, this approach was in response to the brief and to communicate that Faber Alt. is an alternative space for new music. Most websites and branding traditionally keep left aligned as is the case for Faber Music; the alternative right alignment would be taken into digital and print and be an element of the brand that removed it from the norm and the existing brand of Faber Music, which is more classical.

Logo Artwork Application

The logo can be used to allow album or single artwork to show through. This gives Faber Alt. the opportunity to showcase their latest signings through the logo. Examples shown here are Keaton Henson, Mesadorm and Valgeir Sigurðsson.

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