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Stac specialises in software consultancy, it was once a ‘we’ and has become an ‘I’. The fundamental purpose of the business had changed.

It was my job to understand why, how and what the new approach of Stac was and how the new brand is communicated.

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There were a few long days of workshops that helped clarify where Stac had been, where it currently was and most importantly where it wanted to go in the future. Understanding Stac’s purpose laid the foundation for the new brand.

Stac is a software consultancy company, it is now run by one person, Josh. We needed to figure out how Stac can be viewed as Josh the software consultant and identify some of the problems he was having.

One issue that came up is how we can make software consultancy and technology more human. Code and tech talk can be pretty dry sometimes, so how can we communicate what Stac is doing that a tech newcomer can understand but also be relevant to a CTO.

The workshop identified how we would do this.

Logo Development

Three initial routes were created, these were developed with an agile approach to the design process, something that proved helpful with meeting the clients objectives.

The cursor that sat under the S on a development piece of work is something that was evocative for the client, taking him back to exploring code as a teenager. This was the route that would be developed.

Final Logo

The final logo is strong, confident, straightforward, approachable and transparent – all values that were identified in an early workshop. The essence of where the idea came from was rooted in the client’s first experience of what he now does every day, almost without registering the blinking cursor that grabbed his attention many years ago.

Animated Logo

An animated version of the logo was created, it needed to be quick, punchy, confident and resemble a cursor behaviour. The cursor starts out off-screen and drops with weight, the letters then scroll through STAC to spell out each letter. The animation would run once and be used sparingly on the website and other digital platforms.


It was decided early on that the colour palette would be simple and take a monochrome approach; typography and imagery would also tell the story of Stac. However, a strong four colour palette was added for accent colours and to enable the brand to develop in the future. Something that was discussed in the workshop at the start of the project was – how can we inject vitality into a subject matter of tech and coding that can sometimes be viewed as dry and uninteresting? Our solution was to choose four colours that were vibrant and full of energy.

Stac Black


Pure White


Electric Cyan


Day Yellow


Deep Blue


Neon Red



The font selection was dictated by the logo, the logo would always be the focus. Both the headline and body needed to have the feel of technology, software, future and a sans serif to mirror the likes of possible clients for Stac such as Apple, Google and Spotify. To allow the logo to always have the impact the headline font was set in GT Pressura light, which complemented the logo alongside the body font of Aperçu.

GT Pressura Light
Aperçu Regular


One of the main purposes of the new brand was to communicate that Stac was now an individual who was a software consultant and no longer an agency. Having a full screen portrait of Josh was an important visual for a first-time viewer or a client revisiting the website.

Communicating Collaboration

Some of Stac’s proposed services are tapped into collaborating, mentoring, creating learning material and consulting. All of this needed to be told in the photography; the keywords of future workplace imagery are approachable, mentoring, helping and collaborating.

Headline Application

Headline is set in GT Pressura Light with a background colour. An 85% transparency is set on the background which sits over imagery when possible. Titles are stacked on at least two separate lines.

Graphic Dividers

The graphic dividers that would make up a key part of how the brand was communicated were again referenced from code and characters that were being used every day in the work that Stac was doing.

These elements needed to project simplicity, transparency, be confident whilst allowing the human side of Stac to show through the photography. The graphic dividers were scaled up to make dividers for digital and print.

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