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Teller creates beautiful, narrative-led film & content for some of the world’s most influential brands.

Teller is a multi-channel film production company specialising in narrative film – both documentary and branded content – short and long form.

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How the brand was created

After speaking with the founders of Teller the most important message that they wanted to convey was story telling, this set the brief for the logo and how the brand would communicate. Early on it was decided that content was king, this was always the priority for brand communication. The logo and brand would need to sit with a subtle elegance alongside their films.  

Logo development

Having developed 3 initial routes, the final selection was made and refined. The full stop that was used at the beginning of the concept was used to form part of the r. This set the tone for the logo to always be used as the final mark in the story. It was decided that the film would take fullscreen and the story of each piece of work unfold with the brand mark being the final full stop always in the bottom right hand corner.

Colour & material

It was important to ensure the colours in the films were centre stage so a stripped down colour palette was used. Black, white and a soft blue were the primary brand colours for Teller. An uncoated stock of Zen Pure White from G. F Smith was set for all printed material.