For when I dive into your iris
My brain erupts
Into biochemical mayhem
And I feel like a man with two hearts

British rock / electronic / post-hardcore band Enter Shikari have created a wealth of heavily politicised music over the course of ten years and four albums. They have become one of the most influential British rock bands of their generation, through their belief that their music can inspire change.

Dear Future Historians is a limited edition book featuring front-man Rou Reynolds own song interpretations and social commentary alongside all of their lyrics to date. This cased, limited edition includes an abundance of full-colour album artwork, posters and exclusive photos.


Enter Shakari / Faber Music


Limited Edition Book Design


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Design Development
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Enter Shakari formed in 2003. Their debut album, Take to the Skies, was released in December 2007.  The limited edition book that the band wanted to produce was to include all lyrics for singles and albums alongside essays explaining song lyrics as well as social commentary. The book was to document all artwork from singles, albums, posters, flyers and photography both personal and professional. Needless to say it was quite a task to organise and setup a design that was going to be flexible enough to meet all the needs of the content.  

With 15 years worth of content to include in the book, the first task was to establish how we were going to break down the areas of work. Because some of the singles, albums, artwork, photography and essays were created at different times, it was decided we would split the book into eras. This allowed any work that was created within a time span of up to 5 years to be categorised as an ‘era’. The book was split into 4 era’s, each having a strong typographic double page starting spread to make a clear separation between each one.

Dear Future Historians

Dear Future Historians is a 234 x 156mm 192 page portrait book. The cover is finished in Wibalin Finelinen 563 with a foiled rose gold for the title and credits. Internal pages were full colour on Mohawk Options White Smooth 118GSM stock, end papers: Mohawk OptionsWhite Smooth 148GSM stock. A ribbon marker was also added. 

Take To The Skies

It was decided that the best way to organise the content of the book (albums, singles, lyrics, photographs and essays) was in era. The book begins with Take To The Skies, Enter Shikari’s debut studio album and charts their success to the next era Common Dreads. 

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