Party For The People is a social enterprise that raises money for local charities through online ticket sales and collaborative events

Party For The People
  • New Digital Design
  • Creative Direction
  • Website Design
  • UX / UI


Party For The People needed a complete overhaul for their digital ticketing platform. User journeys were mapped out early on with an emphasis on a user being able to quickly find events locally and nationally. The landing page would act as a hub of news, gigs and festivals. It was important to explain how PFTP worked with charities, this would form one of the main sections alongside music and events.


Extra Blue


Forever Purple


Jupiter Red



Circular Bold

Circular Book


User journeys were initially sketched out by hand, once we had clarity on how these needed to unfold we then quickly mocked up digital layouts using the platform Invision to enable us to get a feel of how the website journey would flow. Using this process helped cut down time, instead of  working through weeks of wire-framing we were able to very quickly progress a sketch to digital flow within hours.

Ensuring cross device compatibility

Party For The People’s users were for the majority using mobile devices so it was important that they were able to get to the content they wanted as quickly and as easily as possible, more importantly they were able to access tickets sales instantly. The solution to this was to have a floating Get Tickets button present at the foot on every event page, this quickly opened up a quantity module and users were able to pay instantly through their chosen payment option; Paypal, Apple Pay, Credit Card.